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The Tim Ar Imperium set against the world.

The Tim Ar Imperium (CT: Keðén Iénhu Halun ár Úĝkeh ár Ulka Éh n Tim Ar [kèðén ìénhù hàlùn áɹ úŋgèh áɹ ùlgà éh n̩ dìm àɹ] 'Valiant, Just, and Most Strong Empire of the Tim Ar') is the largest empire on Ítöð. Holdings on Ítöð proper cover approximately 42 million square kilometers; extraplanetary holdings further increase this sum.




Main article: Organization of the Tim Ar Imperium

The Tim Ar Imperium is organized into a complex hierarchy of political subunits. Foremost among these are the five viceroyalties: The Core Imperium, Greater Kélekeð, Méoménsú, Uluhír, and West Kaorðér. Additionally, two special administrative zones have been set up, namely those of Gurkéłis and the Mziddyun. Beneath these are a number of lesser units; in the main, these are, in increasing order of specific locality, namestnichestvo, oblast, raion, selsoviet, city, and borough.

A few alternative divisions also exist. Suzerainties exist within namestnichestvos but otherwise might be considered namestnichestvos in their own right, being largely left to their own devices for internal governance (foreign affairs and certain higher-level bureaucratic operations being taken upon by the viceroyalties or the imperium itself). Unorganized territories, regions within namestnichestvos but completely lacking (or nearly so) in internal administration, also exist. Free cities might otherwise be considered on the level of a city or selsoviet, but have political autonomy closer in nature to that of an oblast. Frontier territories have typically either been recently acquired and not fully integrated into the imperium or can be reasonably expected not to have permanent habitation at any foreseeable point; these regions do not have representation in the government of the imperium.